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Q&A with Bellator featherweight Jessy Miele

by Brian Woodman Jr. on 08/20/20

Jessy Miele (9-3) of Waterbury, CT has previously expressed admiration for fellow women's featherweight Julia Budd (13-3) and will soon get to show her respect in the cage. A bout between them will serve as the co-main event during Bellator 244, which Mohegan Sun Arena will host on August 21. Miele, who earned a split-decision win over Talita Nogueira (8-3) at Bellator 231 last October, is a vetran of the Connecticut-based MMA organizations Reality Fighting and Premier FC.

Ryan Bader (27-5) and Vadim Nemkov (11-2) will fight in a light heavyweight bout during the main event. Will Smith (3-1), who fights out of West Haven, will also appear on the card in a preliminary featherweight bout with Lucas Brennan (2-0).

A heavyweight bout between Roy Nelson (23-18) and Valentin Moldavsky (9-1), and a middleweight bout between John Salter (17-4) and Andrew Kapel (15-6) will round at the main card. Moe information on the event can be found here.

Nutmegmma: To what do you credit with your win over Elizabeth Phillips at CES 56?

Miele: I credit my fantastic training camp and training partners at UnderdogMMA Chris Smith and the IMBCT and my Team Triton conditioning crew. The guys there have been amazing and inspiring. 

Nutmegmma: How did your interest in MMA begin?

Miele: I began in MMA almost 12 years ago when I graduated from college. I started to learn Karate because I was sick of just running on the treadmill at the gym. I wanted to learn something to protect myself and get a workout. After a month, I started BJJ and then boxing and Kali. I began competing in BJJ my coach only allowed me to do it and said to fight MMA I needed to get my blue belt first, so I completed and trained until I finally got it and fought my first MMA match in 2009. 

Nutmegmma: Did you start with a particular style or general MMA? What was the progression?

Miele: Everything I studied in kali, MMA, BJJ, boxing and JKD. I also used to breakdance and play rugby. A lot of my sports. 

Nutmegmma: How long have you trained with your current gym? What was your first gym? Where else have you taught?

Miele: I train in several different gyms the IMBCT, Kore BJJ Underdog MMA, and Triton. Each in a different part of CT. Sometimes you have to travel around to get the things you need at the times you need them! 

Nutmegmma: Are there other fighters that you particular emulate? Are there any that you enjoy watching?

Miele: Julie Budd is fantastic with her wrestling game. I love watching her. Cris Cyborg I also have always loved to watch. She is amazing. 

Nutmegmma: What are your future goals in the sport?

Miele: To continue to fight and develop my skill set so that I can get to the highest level I can be. 

Nutmegmma: Do you have a day job?

Miele: I do! I work at Post University 40 hours a week in multimedia. 

Nutmegmma: Do you have any advice for aspiring fighters?

Miele: I would tell then to keep pushing and never give up on a dream!

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