Jessi Hackett, left, versus Yeison Berdugo at Lion Fight 38

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Ariana Cruz
Dutch super middleweight retains title at Lion Fight 38;
Original main bout cancelled
Matous Kohout, left, and Regian Eersel during the main event at Lion Fight 38
Matous Kohout, left, throws a kick at Regian Eersel during the main event at Lion Fight 38.
Photo by John Fulcher
By Brian Woodman Jr.

   (September 29 -- Mashantucket, CT) Regian Eersel (47-4) of Amsterdam retained his super middleweight belt durng the main event of Lion Fight 38 -- a Muay Thai event held in the Fox Theater at Foxwoods Resort Casino. He defeated Matous Kohout (38-10) by knockout at 1:01 in the fifth round, avenging a previous loss to his opponent. He secured nine consecutive knockout victories going into that evening’s fight, according to Lion Fight spokespersons.
   Lion Fight canceled the original main event when fighters Tong Anucha and Saemapetch Fairtex were denied travel visas.
   “Recent changes to the statutes regarding travel visas from Thailand to the United States caught everyone off-guard, and unfortunately the process now takes much longer than it previously did,” said Lion Fight president and CEO Scott Kent in a prepared statement.
   Kohout, who fights out of Prague in the Czech Republic, sustained a kick to the cup early in the first round, prompting a brief stoppage by the referee. But Although Eerse; appeared to push the pace of the fight, it avoided becoming one-sided. Eersel became visibly more aggressive in the second round, landing hard punching combinations to Kohout’s head around the middle of the round and appearing to go for a knockout, but toned down his energy as the round progressed. Eersel became more aggressive with his striking in the third round and by the fourth round nearly knocked out Kohout with body punches and a knee. Both fighters were punching each other from short range as the fourth round ended.
   Eersel knocked Kohout down again during the fifth round, prompting another ten-count from the referee. But Eersel scored a shot to the liver with punches and a knee, knocking Kohout down again and this time ending the fight.
   The organization scratched a women’s flyweight fight between Silvia La Notte (61-13-4) of Milan, Italy and English fighter DanI Fall (10-1) from the card. Spokespersons attributed it to an incomplete medical examination, offering no further details due to stated privacy restrictions other than neither the fighters nor Lion Fight were at fault. Stamp Fairtex, who was to participate in the women’s fight and is also from Thailand, was denied a travel visa as well.
   The main card opened with a super cruiserweight bout between Steve Walker (2-0) and Robert Morrow in his professional debut. Walker floored Morrow with a punch to the jaw at an estimated two minutes into the first round and generally dominated the fight. He eventually ended the fight at 2:49 in the third round, knockout Morrow out with a punching/elbow combination. 
   Jonathan George (2-2-1) put Jafar “the cookie monster” Toshev (2-0) on the canvas early in the next fight. But Toshev got the last laugh, ending the lightweight bout at 1:47 in the first round with a jumping roundhouse kick to the face that rendered George unconscious.
   The next bout, a cruiserweight fight between Brett Hlavacek (18-5) and Timothy Woods (8-2), went to a decision. Hlavacek threw lots of elbows while Woods leaned toward kicking and a southpaw stance. Woods was bleeding from a head wound early in the bout but demonstrated aggression to the end with the fight concluding in mid-clinch. However, Hlavacek clearly dominated the fight and at one point responded to an attempted high kick from Woods by kicking him in mid-air. Two judges scored the fight 49-46 for Hlavacek while one scored it 50-45.
   The last fight prior to the main event was a light heavyweight bout between Juan Jackson (9-2) and Elijah Clarke (7-1). The first three rounds went back and forth -- retired U.S. Army Sergeant Jackson caught and threw Carter after he attempted a kick during the third round as the two exchanged high kicks. Bt Carter retained an edge during the exchanges and won by unanimous decision -- two judges scored it 50-45 and the third scored it 49-46.
   The preliminary card included two professional five-round bouts.
   Yeison Berdugo (2-4) won the first bout by TKO at 1:46 in the fourth round after fellow super lightweight Jessi Hackett, who was making his professional debut, verbally indicated to the referee that he could not continue. The fight went back and forth in the early round despite a brief referee stoppage after Hackett sustained a kick to the cup. But Berdugo ended it in the fourth round with a punching combination followed by a kick to the stomach.
   The second fight was a super middleweight bout between Cris Mims and Brian Bogue, who were both making their professional debuts. Mims won the fight at :25 in the second round by knockout, landing an elbow after eating a shot from Bogue, who out-pointed Mims in the first round -- both fighters fell simultaneously, Mims apparently more from losing his balance, and the referee waved the fight off.

Jessi Hackett, left, versus Yeison Berdugo at Lion Fight 38
Jessi Hackett, left, versus Yeison Berdugo at Lion Fight 38 on September 29 at Foxwoods.
Photo by John Fulcher
Three amateur bouts preceded the professional bouts, each lasting for three rounds. The results were:

Middleweight Bout -- Miguel Cadiz defeats Michael Shubert by unanimous decision. (30-27)

Middleweight Bout -- Shawn Ellis defeats Nalton McLuaghlin by unanimous decision (two judges 30-27; one judge 29-28)

Light Heavyweight Bout -- J. Luck Henry defeats Hector Andres Acosta by unanimous decision (30-26).

Editor's Note: We would like to thank Mark Karmelowicz for contributing to this story.
Editor's Note: Please read the Clarification for Coverage on Lion Fight 38 in our blog before reading the article below. 

Nutmegmma.com regrets any misunderstanding caused by our article.
AMMO Fight League’s third MMA event
Two amateur title fights awarded
Photo of MMA fighters Roberto Rios and Erick Santiago
Roberto Rios throws a kick at Erick Santiago during AMMO III on Oct. 21.
Photo by John Fulcher

By Brian Woodman Jr.

(Oct. 21 -- West Springfield, MA) Although there’re were only seven fights at AMMO “No Man’s Land” III, the crowd in the Mallory Center at the Eastern States Exposition (also known as the Big E) appeared more than satisfied with the results.
   There were five amateur bouts on the card, including two five-round title fights, and two professional bouts.
AMMO Fight League, a South Glastonbury-based organization that normally offers mixed grappling events, started offering MMA events at the Big E this year. Unlike the organization’s previous two events., this one did not offer mixed grappling along with the MMA bouts.
   The main event was a 185-pound bout between Jon Manley of Jon Manley MMA and Mike Hansen of Berzerkers MMA. Manley, who generally dominated the fight, won by submitting Hansen with an arm bar at 1:58 in the first round.
   The evening’s other professional fight, a 140-pound bout between Roberto Rios of Team Underdog and Erick Santiago of Team Link, ended with the latter winning by TKO in the third round. They went back and forth during the fight with Santiago, who fought primarily in “southpaw” stance taking Rios to the ground a few times. Santiago caught an already-bloodied Rios in the face with a punching combination that sent him to the ground and prompted the referee to wave the fight off at 1:13 in the last round.
   Swagath Pillia of Plus One Defense earned the organization’s amateur lightweight title after defeating Matt Bienia of Zen Quest by unanimous decision. Pillia dominated Bienia from the beginning, bringing him to the ground and dropping bombs during each round. The referee briefly stopped the fight during the fifth round after Pillia apparently received n eye poke in the fifth round -- Bienia subsequently almost regrouped with a double-leg takedown but the two fighters then reversed positions a few more times on the ground. The judges scored it 39-36 for Pillia.

Swagath Pillia and Matt Bienia during AMMO III
Swagath Pillia tries to kick Matt Bienia during AMMO III at the Big E in West Springfield, MA.
Photo by John Fulcher

    Mike Kimbel of Team Thunder MMA won the amateur featherweight title after he knocked out Stephen Pinard, who also trains at Jon Manley MMA, at 1:21 in the first round of a five-round bout. Kimbel picked up Pinard and dropped him early in the fight. He later hit Pinard with a hammer fist, clinched with him, and ground-and-pounded him before the referee waved the fight off.
    The evening opened with a 125-pound bout between Blaze Robinson of Ravenous MMA and Casey Norton, who als0 trains at Team Thunder MMA. Norton took Robinson down during each round, although there were punching exchanges. Robinson caught Norton in a guillotine during the second round while punching him in the body, but Norton ultimately won a 30-27 unanimous decision. 

MMA fighters Stephen Pinard vs Mike Kimbel
Stephen Pinard, left, versus Mike Kimbel on Oct. 21.
Photo by John Fulcher

   The next fight, a 150-pound fight between Randy Francis of Strike Zone and Aaron Hughes of Regiment Training Center opened with a flurried exchange of strikes. Hughes threw a high kick that went over Francis’s shoulder - Francis then picked Hughes up and threw him, subsequently grappling with hi m and winning at 1:32 in the first round by submission due to triangle choke.
   A visibly unworried Elias Morales, who also trains at Plus One Defense, brought Ray Johns the ground and changed guard several times throughout the 170-pound fight. That followed. Johns, who also trains at Team Thunder, tapped at :53 in the second round due to a kimura.

Ray Johns and Elias Morales, MMA fighters
Ray Johns, left, versus Morales on Oct. 21.
Photo by John Fulcher

Premier Fighting Championship 24
Three new amateur champions crowned

Fighters Malek Mahmoud and Miguel Cuevas
Malek Mahmoud strikes Miguel Cuevas during Premier Fighting Championship 24 on November 11.
Photo by John Fulcher  
By Brian Woodman Jr.

(Nov. 11-Agawam, MA) Pat Casey (7-2) of Team Link was clearly the local favorite Saturday evening at the Chez Josef restaurant, which hosted Premiere FC 24. But even the vocal support of the crowd did not prevent Jesse Kosakowski (5-0) from using his grappling skills to submit Casey with a rear naked choke with 22 second remaining in the final round of an amateur welterweight title fight. 
   Casey, who won both the welterweight and middleweight titles for the Premier Fighting Championship organization earlier this year, appeared dominant during the first four rounds of the evening‘s ninth bout. Casey brought Kosakowski to the ground early in the first round, later catching one of his kicks and tossing him. Kosakowski, who fought in southpaw stance, showed a little skill on the ground -- during the second round he executed a Judo-style body throw in mid-tumble while laying on his back. But Casey appeared confident during the clinching and stand-up, bringing Kosakowski to the ground with a double-leg takedown in the second round and throwing him in the third after the challenger stuffed a single-leg takedown attempt. Casey appeared to do damage with single, powerful shots during the punching exchanges in the fourth round following a referee stoppage -- he attempted a single-leg takedown as the round ended. But after the fight went to the ground during the fifth round Kosakowski took Casey’s back and controlled the round up until the submission,
   The fourth and fifth bouts were also amateur title fights. Both were first-round TKO victories. 
Nick Giulletti (4-1) of Ultimate MMA secured the155-pound amateur belt after defeating Antoine Caparotta (4-3) of South Shore Fighting. Giulletti tackled Caparotta and brought him to he ground with a double-leg takedown, eventually securing a bully mount and dropping bombs. The referee waved the fight off with seven seconds left in the round.
   Malek Mahmud (4-0) of Hettes MMA unloaded on Miguel Cuevas (3-1) of BattleCrew with a flurry of punches early in the 145-pound fight that followed. Although Cuevas appeared dazed in the middle of it, he was still on his fight and appeared angry when the referee waved the fight off with an estimated 20 seconds left in the round.
   The rest of the evening’s eleven fights were all three-round bouts. Five of them were professional fights.
The event opened with a 165-pound amateur fight between Jason Showers (1-6) of Team Extreme Ambition and Chris Almestica (1-1) of Team Link. Almestica finished the fight with ground-and-pound as the referee waved the fight off at 1:36 in the first round, winning by TKO due to unanswered strikes.

Nick Giulietti, top, and Antoine Caparotta
Nick Giulietti, top, and Antoine Caparotta grapple
during Premier Fighting Championship 24 on November 11.                            Photo by John Fulcher  
   The next fight was a 145-pound amateur bout between Christian Robinson (1-2) of the team Cerroe and Randy Francis (1-4) of Daryl’s Camp. Robinson secured a bully mount and launched a ground-and-pound attack early in the first round, eventually taking Francis’s back and attempting a rear naked choke. But Francis slipped out of it and they resumed a striking exchange as the round ended. 
   Francis pinned Robinson against the fence during the second round, but they wound up on the ground again with the latter on top as it ended. The two exchanged strikes during the third round, ending up on the ground as the fight ended.
   Francis won the fight by unanimous decision, with the judges scoring it 29-28.
   Yu Ji (1-0) of Team Radical generally dominated Josh Jones (2-2) of First MMA in the 185-pound amateur fight that followed. 
   The sixth bout marked the first professional fight -- a 205-pound bout between Jahnell Parkinson (1-0) of Gracie Secor and Victor Irwin (0-1). It ended with Parkinson, who favored southpaw stance, winning a split decision with all three judges scoring the fight 29-28.
   Irwin attempted a sideways choke hold during the first round as they went to the ground, but Parkinson reversed the positions and tried for a rear naked choke. Parkinson attempted a single-leg takedown but the round ended in a punching exchange.

   Irwin unloaded strikes on Parkinson in the second round following some clinching, appearing visibly fatigued as the round progressed. Irwin chased Parkinson during part of the third round, which ended with cautious stand-up.
   Reginaldo Felix (2-2) of Team Link secured a first round TKO by leg strikes at 2:49, defeating Mine Hansen (1-4) of Team Berkshires in a 185-pound fight.
   Geoffrey Then (1-1) of American Top Team secured a submission win by triangle choke in the second round of a 135-pound fight. His opponent, Magdiel Matias (0-1) of Team Will Izzary, got his legs around Then’s neck early in the first round after being slammed, and caught one of his kicks before throwing him in the second. But Then generally dominated the fight.
   The tenth bout, a 160-pound fight between Kastriot Xhema (1-1) of American Top Team and Keenan Raymond (3-4) of Team Calvicante ended in a no-contest following a doctor’s stoppage. Raymond sustained an eye poke and a visibly concerned Xhema left the cage without replying to a commentator’s questions.
   Keenan Locinov (6-4) of Team Link defeated fellow welterweight Gil Pinheiro (2-4) of Thornton MMA by split decision in the evening’ final bout. The two came out swinging and went to the ground in the first round, with Locinov in Pinheiro‘s half guard. . Locinov used ground-and-pound attacks to generally dominated the second round, which was marked by a referee stoppage. 
   Although both me were visibly fatigued by the third round, Locinov scored a double-leg takedown and attempted ground-and-pound. Pinheiro attempted in guillotine choke in the middle of the round.
Jahnell Parkinson, left, versus Victor Irwin
Jahnell Parkinson, left, versus Victor Irwin at Chez Josef on November 11.
Photo by John Fulcher