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A chat with Bill Vigil of AMMO

by Brian Woodman Jr. on 08/07/21

As of this writing, Glastonbury-based AMMO Fight League will hold it's first event since March of last year. The Covid 19 pandemic forced the organization to take a break when its St. Patrick's Day event was cancelled."We got the news on Friday the 13th," joked AMMO president Bill Vigil.
But tonight the Biig E in West Springfield is hosting the platform's next event -- appropriately titled "AMMO: the Return."
Vigil has already scheduled an MMA event for October 30 and recently expanded into mixed grappling events.
"These are not just tournaments," said Vigil, although AMMO has presented grappling tournaments since 2013 before also offering MMA shows about four years later. "It's a show with a card."
The new shows, called Top Level Pro Grappling, will offer a series of matches between grapplers of varying experience levels ranging from novices upwards. The specific rules, such as which holds are permitted and whether to wear Gis, are mutually decided upon between the organizers and competitors. 
"There are standards but we are more flexible," he said. 
AMMO presented the first of these shows on July 24. The next will be on September 18.
"I wasa amazed at the response," said Vigil regarding the July show.
He is now considering whether tto branch out into other combat sports, he said. He indicated that boxing and Muay Thai shows are potentially on the table.

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