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AMMO Fight League to hold Aug. 7 event

by Brian Woodman Jr. on 08/05/21

A 170-pound pound professional bout between Connor Barry and Gary Edwards will headline the Glastonbury-based AMMO Fight League’s next MMA event -- Ammo: The Return.

The Big E in West Springfield, MA will host the event on August 7. That evening’s card will also feature 15 amateur bouts and open with two grappling events. One of the bouts will be a five-round championship bout between Nuridiin Abrar and Brian Cosco, who will both compete for the 155-pound championship, which is vacant.

The rest of the card includes;

  • Anthony Alvarado will fight Jessen Ramcharan in a 140-pound bout.
  • Anthony Basile will fight Nick Roman in a 155-pound bout.
  • Samantha Ayala will fight Crystal Nadeau in a 130-pound bout.
  • Ray Johns will fight Kenyon Moore in a 170-pound bout.
  • Aidan DeFran will fight George Demers in a 170-pound bout.
  • Jonathan Colon will fight Tyler O’Doerty in a 155-pound bout.
  • Casey Norton will fight Ebrahim Aziz in a 125-pound bout.
  • Jon Hayes will fight Julian Reza in a 170-pound bout.
  • Justin Perez will fight Jack Maycock in a 155-pound bout.
  • Robby Grillo will fight Matthew Rodriguez in a 130-pound bout.
  • LenPatrick Asselin will fight Jon Viruet in a 170-pound bout.
  • Jake Russo will fight Parker Smith in a 145-pound bout.
  • Logan Bond will fight Lee Mchorse in a 190-pound bout.
  • Brandon Neiford will fight A.J. Barton in a 125-pound bout.

Rory Connors will compete against Juminho Aivim and Charles Soffen against Logan Dias in the grappling matches.

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