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Reality Fighting coming up

by Brian Woodman Jr. on 01/03/19

The Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT will host Reality Fighting's first MMA event of the year. The Jan. 5 event's main bout will be a catchweight fight between Johnny Campbell, who fights as a bantamweight, and flyweight Johnny Lopez. But other highlights include three title fights and an undercard that includes UFC veteran and Hartford-based fighter Matt Bessette in a grappling match.

The title bouts will include; a featherweight fight between Miguel Cuevas and Jordan Riley; a lightweight fight between Eddy George and Matt Bienia, and a flyweight fight between Tim Flores and Edwin Solis.
According to information provided by Reality Fighting, there are nine more bouts on the main card as of this writing. These include; 
  • Andre Belcarris versus Harris Bonfiglio.
  • Ron Arana versus Justin Valentin.
  • Randy Francis versus A.J. Abate.
  • Amus Guyton versus Billy Goff.
  • Jeremy Woolfolk versus Matt Tappero.
  • Ken Rayside versus Nick Giuletti.
  • Nuridini Abrar versus Markus Cintron.
  • Johnny Santos versus David Walsh.
  • kurtis Froling versus Jeff Grant.
Bessette, who fought as a lightweight with Reality Fighting and a featherweight with Bellator, will grapple with Kirkor Papasian earlier that evening, according to information from the promoters.

Other grappling matches scheduled include;

  • Nick Enzor versus Matthew Cocchia.
  • Aaron Harris versus Evan Flores.
  • Joe Leonard versus Chris Palmquist.
  • Curtius Ward versus Imre Pogacsas.
  • Gregory Jarvis versus Jim Hevner.
  • Mike Montgomery versus Andrew Tevay.
  • Andrew George versus Jeff Roberts.
  • Matt Allen versus Frank Latina.
  • Svenja Juffernbruch versus Katlyn Doran.
  • Danielle Gambardella versus Nicole Powers Shattuck.
  • Pete Jeffrey versus Tiago Alves.
  • Casey Lamonte versus Alex Wyzatecki.
  • Brandon Seibold versus Jeff Emil Haddad.
  • Fernando Sabenca versus Pete Hailer.
  • Sebastian Berti versus Kurt-Chase Patrick.
  • Scott Gierlich versus Dana Haigh.
  • Erin Lamonte versus Kristen Gardner. 
  • John Beecher versus Eric Marandino.
  • Diogo Araujo versus Ryan Quinn.
We will post more information shortly. 

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