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Reality Fighting 100 Grappling Results

by Brian Woodman Jr. on 01/17/18

By Brian Woodman Jr.

(Jan. 6 -- Uncasville, CT) 

In addition to an impressive MMA card, Reality Fighting's 100th event included a preliminary card with grappling bouts. The bouts, dubbed "grappling super fights" during the event at Mohegan Sun Arena, could only be won through submissions.
The card opened with a bout between 11-year-old Lorenzo "the Lion King" Bocachica of the Carlson Gracie gym and 12-year-old Dylan "the Villain" Kollar of the gym  Kipp's Basement. Like most of the bouts on the under-card, it ended in a tie.
C. Ryan Quinn, who trains under Renzo Gracie, won the sixth bout with a heel hook. He defeated Sanad Armouti of Florian BJJ.
Jon Manley of Manley MMA secured a leg triangle choke in spectacular fashion, submitting Chris Palmquist of Lauzon MMA during the seventh bout. Manley jumped in the air and got his legs around Palmquist's neck.before bringing the fight to the ground.
Gabriel Souza of Casa Jiu-Jitsu defeated Carlson Gracie student Chris Simmons with an ankle lock during the tenth bout. Both men wore a gi during the bout, which was fought under BJJ rules.
Walter Smith Cottito of Team Link submitted Frank Latna of DCBJJ with a head-and-arm choke during the eleventh bout.
The other bouts all ended with no one securing a submission. These were, in relative order;

Nicholas Caggia of K Dojo versus Jeremy Woolfolk of Strikezone MMA.
Nicole Powers Shattuck of Abusado versus Sarah Pucci of Callandrelli MMA.
Matt Allen of Calandrelli MMA versus Vinnie Brightman of Carlson Gracie.
Aaron Tyvie of Gracie Seymour versus James Cook of Crossroads BJJ.
Andrew Tevay of Gracie Seymour versus Ed Carr of Team Link.
Pete Jeffrey of Tri-Force versus Kirkor Papasian of Strikezone.
Damien Ruffy of Team Link versus Jeff Emil Haddad of Ascension Athletics.
Kevin Quigg of Martinez BJJ versus John Beecher of Soca BJJ.
Matt Santos of Santos BJJ versus Nate Lamotte of Burgess MMA.
Dan Simmler of Abusado versus Oz Pariser of Soul Fighters.

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