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Realiity Fighting Preview: June 1

by Brian Woodman Jr. on 05/30/19

Spokespersons for Reality Fighting confirmed that there will be three title fights on the card during the organization's June 1 event, which Mohegan Sun will host this weekend.

These bouts include; an amateur light heavyweight title fight between Wolfgang Fiasconaro and Yuri Panferov; an amateur featherweight title bout between Zac Richard and Miguel Cuevas; and a professional welterweight title bout between Kemran Lechinov and Billy Goff (both fresh off of Bellator events in February).

Other bouts include;

  • Jose Lugo versus Johnny Campbell.
  • Andy Kurzkonki versus Serhii Boychun.
  • Randy Francis versus Mike Placentini
  • Ashley Barret versus Traci Baldwin.
  • Zachery Watson versus Johnny Santos.
  • Ariana Melendez versus Ariana Cruz.
The event will also include mixed grappling. More details may be found here.

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