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Preview: Premier FC 25

by Brian Woodman Jr. on 03/07/18

Premier FC will return to the Chez Josef restaurant in Agawam, Massachusetts on March 10 with a main card that will include two women's professional bouts.

The main event will be a 135-pound bout between Sarah Payant (2-4), who trains with Gladiator BJJ, and Jessica Borga (5-2 amateur record). Payant, who previously fought on the main cards for Premier FC and Reality Fighting, also competed on two preliminary cards for Bellator. Borga, who fights with Champions MMA, will be making her professional debut but has a 5-2 amateur record.
The prior fight will be a 120-pound bout between Destiny Quinones (0-0) of Next Level MMA and Lisa Blaine (2-0) of Ultimate MMA.
There are three more professional fights on the main card.
Rodolfo Barcellos (0-0) of Xtreme Ambition versus Myles Reid (0-2) of Old School in a 170-pound bout.
Jesus Cintron (0-0) of Old School will fight Reginaldo Felix (2-1) of Link in a 185-pound fight.
Alex Ortiz (0-0) of Golden Falcon will fight Keenan Raymond (3-5) of RCBJJ in a 155-pound fight.
The preliminary card will include seven amateur bouts.
Jason Showers (2-6) of Xtreme Ambition will fight Aaron Reverdez (1-1) of Juniko in a 165-pound bout.
Kenny Champion (2-3) of Golden Falcon will fight Justin Kristie (2-2) of Ultimate MMA in a 140-pound bout.
Jideofor Ojukwu of SSSFwill fight Yu Ji of Radical in a 185-pound bout.Both competitors are 1-0.
Billy Goff (1-1) of Dexter Vale Tudo will fight Harrison Adamo (no record provided) of Ultimate MMA. Goff's contracted weight is 160 pounds and Adamo's is between 150 and 155.
Kevin Braga (0-0) of SSSF will fight Blaze Robinson (0-2) of Ravenous in a 130-pound bout.
Austin Schalla of Dexters will fight Chris Almestica of Link in a 155-pound bout.
Anthony Benevides of Ultimate MMA will fight Nick Fernandez of Battlecrew MMA in a 180-pound bout. 
Premier FC's previous event, which Chez Josef hosted in November, included three amateur title fights. 
One of the contenders, Pat Casey (1-0) of Link, recently competed at Bellator 194. Casey, who lost Jesse Kosakowski (5-0 amateur record) in a welterweight amateur bout during the Premier FC event, defeated Tyler Hamilton (1-1) in a professional lightweight bout by decision during the Bellator event in February. Casey has a 7-2 amateur record.
We will post more information on this event as it approaches.

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