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Pat Casey -- the Gorilla Ninja speaks

by Brian Woodman Jr. on 07/10/18

Pat "the gorilla ninja" Casey has been pleasing area in MMA fans with his performances as an amateur with Premier FC. But Casey (3-0), a Massachusetts-based fighter who held two amateur belts with the organization, made a statement earlier this year in his professional debut at Bellator 194. He is now on the undercard for Bellator 207 on October 12 at Mohegan Sun Arena, where he will face Kastroit Xhema (2-1) in a welterweight bout. We had a chat with him and hope you enjoy it.

Nutmegmma: Are you contracted to fight in any more bouts for Bellator?

Casey: As of now it was just a one-fight deal with Bellator but we will see what the future holds.

Nutmegmma: Will you still be competing in Premier FC? If so as an amateur or a professional?

Casey: It's possible that I will fight for Premier again I am not under contract with any promotion so as of now I can fight for whoever wants me one their card. Any fight I take now has to be pro once you fight pro you can no longer fight ammy.

Nutmegmma: Do you anticipate fighting again in Reality Fighting or other area organizations?

Casey: Reality is also a possibility I have a lot of potential fights for many promotions on the table myself and my management team will make the best decisions we can for my career.

Nutmegmma: To what do you credit your victory over Tyler Hamilton?

Casey: I credit my victory to a whole lot of relentless hard work, dedication and laser focus. If I'm not training I'm thinking about training. Fighting and getting better as a fighter is on my mind virtually every waking second of my day.

Nutmegmma: Do you have a career apart from MMA?

Casey: Outside of MMA I am a teacher for high school students with autism.

Nutmegmma: Which gym did you start at? Where do you currently train? Are there other gyms that you would like to mention?

Casey: I've trained at Team Link in Ludlow with Marco Alvan, Hector Arvelo and Jason Franklin for the majority of my career. Before Team Link I did some training with Jason Franklin and he was the one who encouraged me to join Team Link.

Nutmegmma: What style did you start with? What do you consider your core form? What do other styles do you train in?

Casey: I came in to MMA with no real background in other forms of fighting. I boxed for fun on occasion but I learned everything together. My style is aggressive but very adaptable I can employ many styles to win fights. You name it I probably train in it.

Nutmegmma: Are there particular fighters that you admire?

Casey: I don't really admire other fighters I admire people who serve others for a living. People like teachers, fire fighter and soldiers. Those are the kinds of people I admire.

Nutmegmma: Do you have any advice for aspiring fighters?

Casey: If you want to be a fighter make sure it's something you love, surround yourself with people with a similar vision as you and understand it's not always fun. There is a high level of sacrifice that comes along with being a serious fighter.

(Editor's note: he secured his most recent win at Premier FC 26).

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