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Opinion: MMA Bill passes House, but will it be ignored in long term?

by Brian Woodman Jr. on 05/08/13

House Bill 5277 (An Act Concerning Mixed Martial Arts), which would sanction MMA in Connecticut, made a significant step forward this week. The bill passed the House on May 7 by a 117-26 vote and now awaits a vote by the Senate.

Will the Senate vote on the bill during the current session or leave it to fail to pass due to lack of a vote like last year? Since the sport has at least the potential to create jobs, stimulate businesses in areas surrounding possible MMA venues and generate state revenues through permitting fees and taxes on event receipts, it would seem unfair to tax payers to marginalize the issue and let it fail by default due to lack of a vote. Praise the sport as an economic opportunity or dismiss it as mindless brutality, but at least give the topic its due.

An overview by the Office of Fiscal Analysis can be found at http://www.cga.ct.gov/2013/FN/2013HB-05277-R000394-FN.htm. A previous article on our site about this issue, which includes a link to public testimony, may be found at http://www.nutmegmma.com/NewsatNutmegMMA.html.

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