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AMMO Fight League St. Patrick's Day Event Card

by Brian Woodman Jr. on 03/14/19

The Big E in West Springfield will host AMMO Fight League's next event, the St. Patrick's Day Blood Bath, on March 16 at 1305 Memorial Avenue in West Springfield, MA.

The event will start at 5 PM and will include professional and amateur bouts as well as professional fights.
One of the main bouts, a 170-pound fight between Jon Manley and Jeremie Holloway, was canceled. Promoter Bill Vigil announced on Facebook that AMMO cancelled the bout after Holloway sustained injuries following a head-on car collision and was hospitalized. Manley will instead compete in a grappling match with Placido Carl Santos.

The other professional bouts on the card as of press time are; 

Connor Barry versus Jesus Cintron (170 pounds).
Robbie Leroux versus Harris Bonfiglio (135 pounds).
William Smith versus Bradley Sustad (140 pounds).
Dan Cormier versus Matt Lyall (115 pounds).

The amateur bouts are; 

Randy Francis versus Renny Champion (145 pounds).
Glory Watson versus Alyssa Marini (125 pounds).
Sage Philippe versus James Thomas (170 pounds).
Nate Ghareeb versus Aaron Hughes (145 pounds).
Blaze Robinson versus Jonathan Cocoma (125 pounds).
Anthony Alvarado versus Charra Phon (145 pounds).
Arii Fernandes versus Donovan Torres (145 pounds).
Joel Velez versus Brandson Dean (165 pounds).

The grappling matches include;

Gianna Daniele versus Ryan Sousa
Charles Soffen versus Logan Dias
Jeff Haddad versus John stapleton
Nicole Shattuck versus Danielle Hindley
Andrew Kimball versus Andres Esparza

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