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Bohn, Richard win titles during Reality Fighting’s latest event
By Brian Woodman Jr.
(Uncasville, CT -- January 4)

   Jacob Bohn defeated Dan Dubuque by unanimous decision during the main event of Reality Fighting’s latest show. The win earned him a professional lightweight title that evening.
Zac Richard earned the amateur featherweight title during the event. He won by unanimous decision over Randy Francis.
   Bohn immediately lifted and dropped Dubuque to the ground early in the first round before attempting a rear naked choke. Dubuque escaped and stayed aggressive, taking Bohn’s back in the second round and landing a few shots. But Bohn dictated the pace of the fight as he clinched with Dubuque and repeatedly took his back.
   Francis opened the first round of his fight by attempting to secure a guillotine and attempted a few more during the bout. Richard used aggressive takedowns and submission attempts to secure a split decision win.
   The main card began with a speedy win for Jessen Ramcharan. He submitted Steve Rivera at 2:44 during a 135-pound bout. It was first of four amateur MMA bouts on the card.
   Nuridin Abrar submitted Brandon Murphy at 1:34 in the second round of the next fight. Murphy opened the 155-pound fight strongly with punching combinations and a few kicks. But although Abrar was bleeding from his head, he still ended the bout with a triangle choke.
   Briana Sargent submitted Tommi Bonomo with an armbar at 1:01 in the first round of a 130-pound bout.
Cameron Resnisky caught Michael Schuyler and brought him to the ground immediately early in the first round of a 170-pound bout. Resnisky generally dominated the fight as Schuyler vainly tried to lure him into his guard during the second round. The fight ended at 1:58 in the second round with Resnisky punching his way to a TKO victory. 
   Bestare Kicaj earned an unanimous decision over Grace Nowak during the evening‘s first professional bout.. Both fighters cautiously sized each other up during the first two rounds of the 110-pound fight. Bestane ended the second round with what appeared to be a spinning back fist. Both fighters picked up the pace during the third-round exchanges.
   Matt Tappero generally dominated his 240-pound fight with Dana Haigh and submitted him at 1:26 in the second round with a kimura.
   Ron Arana won by majority decision over Tim Flores and the crowd was not pleased with the result. Both fighters tried to keep it classy with Arana praising his opponent and thanking the crowd while Flores signed for everyone to stop booing.
   Arana appeared to dominate the first round of 145-pound fight as the fighters exchanged strikes. Arana mixed punches and kicks but Flores remained aggressive.
   The second round opened with groundwork and cinching, but Flores unleashed a punching combination and brought Arana to the ground. Flores pressured and cornered Arana, at one point hammering him with strikes before picking him up and dumping him.
   Flores opened the third round by deflecting a kick from Arana and punching him in the face. But Arana gradually turned the tide and threw Flores off balance with lower leg kicks. Flores attempted side control o the ground as the round ended. 
   Two judges scored it 29-28 while one ruled it a draw.
   Miguel Cuevas ended his 150-pound fight with Timmy Tyler at 1:26 in the first round. Cuevas landed a hook to the body that appeared to render Tyler unconscious.

   (Editor’s note: we will post the grappling bouts for this event on our blog.)
Dan Dubuque takes flight while Jacob Buhn defends.
Dan Dubuque takes flight while Jacob Buhn defends.
Photo by John Fulcher
Zac Richard, left, versus Randy Francis
Zac Richard, left, versus Randy Francis on January 4 at Mohegan Sun.
Photo by John Fulcher