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Jon Manley versus Emmanuel Walo.
Jon Manley versus Emmanuel Walo.
Photo by John Fulcher
Matt Denning, left, versus Pat Casey
Matt Denning, left, versus Pat Casey.
Photo by John Fulcher
Walo, Casey win at AMMO: Night of Champions
Richardson retains title, Russell new champion
By Brian Woodman Jr.
(July 20 -- West Springfield, MA)

   Emmanuel Walo defeated Jon Manley during the main event of AMMO: Night of Champions on Saturday evening at the Big E. The judges awarded him an unanimous decision following the 185-pound fight as he used striking to stay ahead.
   Organizers cancelled the co-main event -- a 185-pound bout between Leon Davis and Jesus Cintron.
Pat Casey used aggressive striking against Matt Denning during a 185-pound fight and won by TKO at 1:54 in the first round.
   Angelo Richardson retained his amateur welterweight belt during a bout with Neil Von Flatern, securing a submission by rear naked choke at 1:56 in the second round.
Nate Russell defeated Jake Bagley by TKO at 1:16 in the second round, winning the vacant 125-pound amateur title. 
   Walo opened the first round of his fight with a few solid punches but Manley brought the fight to the ground after some clinching. The bout went back to stand-up and stayed there as the first round ended. Walo eventually went for ground-and-pound during the third round but both fighters wounds up on their feet again and cinched against the fence. Manley attempted another double-leg takedown but the bout ended with them cinching against the fence. 
   Casey hammered Denning with strikes and deliberately avoided the ground as the latter opened his guard. Denning tried a high straight kick to the face that Casey slipped. The fight went to the ground and Casey launched a flurry of punches that prompted the referee to wave off the fight. 
   Richardson generally dominated his title defense, taking Flatern’s back early in the first round. The challenger threw a kick at Richardson early in the second round but the champion responded with a takedown -- Richardson wound up in Flatern’s guard before taking his back and securing the win.
   Bagley made an aggressive showing during his fight, attempting a guillotine as a counter while Russell shot for his legs. 
   Bagley brought the fight to the ground during he second round and later attempted a single-leg takedown. But Russell landed a right that ended it.
   The evening opened with four submission-only grappling matches. Matthew Rodriguez started them off with a kneebar victory over Ronald Roman at 1:12. CeCecilia Verrilli and Kayla Batres grappled to a draw. Gianna Daniele submitted Ayanna Negron at 1:41 by triangle choke. Rene Rivera defeated Ray Johns by paper cutter choke at a estimated three-minute mark.
   Cameron Resnisky defeated Marco Biasiutti by unanimous decision following an amateur 170-pound bout. Biasiutti attempted to use a guillotine choke in the first round and landed a few knees and punches while clinching against the fence. Resnisky opened the second round with aggressive punching, later taking Biasiutti’s back and going for ground-and-pound. It went back and forth during the third round before Resnisky went for another bully mount.
   Jonathan Colon earned an unanimous decision over fellow amateur lightweight Keanu Navarro. Colon picked up Navarro and slammed him to the canvas during the first round, which he handily dominated with an earlier takedown and punches on the ground. But Navarro picked up the pace during the second round with strikes, although Colon secured a takedown as it ended. Navarro threw a knee early in the third round but Colon caught it and threw him to the ground, later getting a double-leg takedown.
   Nuriduun Abrar submitted Joel Velez at 2:50 in the first round by rear naked choke during a 155-pound amateur bout.
   Kenyon Moore made quick work of Imre Pogacsas, knocking him out at :28 in their 190-pound amateur bout. Pogacsas tried to grab Moore’s leg after the referee waved it off to signify that he was still in the fight but to no avail. 
   Brandon Neitford and David Durao opened up the first round of their 125-pound fight with a furious striking exchange. It went against the fence before concluding with more stand-up that the referee almost had to break up. 
   Durao opened the second round by landing a high side kick to the face. The fight went to the ground, where it appeared that Neitford was attempting an armbar. Durao landed a punch later in the fight that he followed up with a high straight kick to the face -- Neitford was stunned and still on his feet as the referee waved the fight off at 2:37. 
   Nate Ghareeb literally knocked Bradley Sustad unconscious during a 145-pound professional fight, winning at 1:08 in the first round. 
   William Smith dominated his 140-pound catch weight fight with Carl Langston. Smith lifted and dropped Langston during the first and second rounds. There were two stoppages during the third round as Langston and then Smith each appeared to accidentally strike each other in the groin. Smith earned an unanimous decision.