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Reality Fighting holds eighth Connecticut event on June 8
Joey Gomez and Miguel Santos at Reality Fighting on June 8
Joey Gomez exchanges with fellow 185-pounder Miguel Santos at Reality Fighting on June 8. Gomez won the bout by TKO.
By Brian Woodman Jr.

    The Marlborough-based MMA organization Reality Fighting held its eight Connecticut event on June 8 at the Mohegan Sun casino and resort in Uncasville. The event included three amateur bouts.
   The most dramatic fight of the evening was the 140-pound pound professional fight between Miguel Santos of Newington and Joey Gomez of Brookline, New Hampshire. Santos, who was clearly the audience favorite, dominated the first round of the evening's ninth bout until the tide turned.
    Santos, who trains with DCNU, took down Gomez early in the fight after a striking exchange and escaped a triangle attempt. After kneeing Gomez a few times and pinning him against the fence, Santos took his back and attempted a rear naked choke.
    Gomez, who looked nervous before the fight and even crossed himself, subsequently flipped Santos over his shoulder and revered the positions. Gomez subsequently progressed through a frantic ground-and-pound game that included elbows and cross-faces before referee Keith Peterson waved the fight off with 34 seconds left in the first round.
    The crowd chanted an expletive referring to bull feces and some audience members could be heard grumbling that it was an early stoppage. Santos, who appeared almost moved to tears, apologized to his fans after the fight and thanked them for their support.
    During the first event of the evening, Theo Desjardin of Pawtucket, Rhode Island submitted Mico De Los Reyes in the first round of a match in the 125-pound division. Reyes trains at Dexter Vale Tudo in Groton while Desjardin trains at United Muay Lao.
    Manny Millan, of Amsterdam, New York, generally dominated Manny Torres and won their bout in the 155-pound division. Referee Kevin MacDonald stopped the fight in the third round after officials determined that Torres, who trains at Kipp's Basement, had a cut over his eye that prevented him from fighting further.
    Nicholas Giulietti of Wallingford, who trains at Ultimate MMA, won by decision against Jeremiah Soto of Manchester during an amateur match at 155 pounds with three three-minute rounds. Soto, who trains at Underdog BJJ, applied a guillotine choke in the third round, but Giulietti dominated much of the fight.
    Kurt Chase-Patrick of Seymour submitted Newark, New Jersey-based 135-pounder Thiago Carfi of Team Ironbound during the first round. Chase-Patrick, who also trains with DCNU, won by securing a side-arm triangle choke against Carfi.
    Massachusetts-based fighters Joe Leonard and Rob Brown competed at 145 pounds during another amateur fight. Brown, who also trains at Kipp’s Basement, ground-and-pounded Leonard from Team Ravenous until referee Todd Anderson waved off the fight with 54 seconds left in the first round.

    Fernanda Araujo of Defensive Edge MMA defeated Dar'ya Hamilton of Lauzon MMA by decision during an amateur women's fight at 135 pounds. Hamilton, also known as "the Russian Empress," threw high kicks with her punches and landed a foot to Arauj's face in the third round. Although Hamilton unleashed a flurry of punches late in the third round and began backing Araujo up, it occurred too late for her to catch up in points against her more aggressive opponent.
    Tyler Rose of North Branford, who also trains with Ultimate MMA, submitted Dave Porter during the third round of a 135-pound fight. Rose secured a kimura and transitioned to a straight arm bar, forcing Porter to tap out with about three minutes left in the round.
    Johnny Lopez, who also trains with Underdog BJJ, submitted Battlecrew's Jon Marcheterre of Putnam by a choke in the first round of a 135-pound fight. Lopez is from Meriden.
   Jason Ward of Bedford Hills, New York knocked out Domenic Gagliardi of Bristol during the first round of a 185-pound fight that Reality Fighting spokespersons stated was one of the most exciting of the night. Ward, who trains with Westchester MMA, eventually pinned Gagliardi against the fence and struck him until referee Robert Hinds waved off the fight with about two minutes left in the round. Gagliardi later announced on his Facebook page that this would be his last fight.

Fernanda Araujo and Dar'ya Hamilton at Reality Fighting on June 8
Fernanda Araujo, left, stands with Dar'ya "the Russian Empress" Hamilton on June 8 at Mohegan Sun. Araujo won by decision during the amateur bout.
Dirlei Broenstrup and Walter Howard at Reality Fighting on June 8
Dirlei Broenstrup and Walter Howard throw some kicks on June 8 at Mohegan Sun.
    Walter Howard, who also fights with Team Ironbound, was saved by the bell in the first two rounds of his fight at 205 pounds with Dirlei Broenstrup of Ludlow, Massachusetts-based Team Link. Broenstrup, who clinched with Howard through much of the fight, almost sank a rear naked choke against Howard during the end of the first round and secured side control near the end of the second while peppering his opponent with punches. Howard ground-and-pounded Broenstrup in the third round before the bell ended, but lost by decision. 
    During the final fight, Roger Zapata of Albany, New York defeated Chip Moraza-Pollard during a 170-pound fight that consisted primarily of striking. Zapata, who trains with Bruno Tostes BJJ, took down Moraza-Pollard near the end of the second round after dirty boxing him. Zapata generally punched and threw a few knees while Moraza-Pollard punched and threw some high kicks.

Chip Moraza-Pollard and Roger Zapata at Reality Fighting on June 8
Chip Moraza-Pollard, left, fights Roger Zapata on June 8 at Mohegan Sun.
Roger Zapata and Chip Moraza-Pollard at Reality Fighting on June 8
Roger Zapata hits Chip Moraza-Pollard during the Reality Fighting event on June 8 at Mohegan Sun. Zapata won by decision. would like to thank Nicola Faraone for his contributions to this story.