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By Brian Woodman Jr.

   The AMMO Fight League, which is based in Glastonbury and presents mixed grappling tournaments, recently rescheduled its July 20 event at the Foxwoods casino and resort in Mashantucket for August and scheduled a July 21 tournament in South Windsor (see our events calendar). Like Reality Fighting’s sister organization NAGA (North American Grappling Association), AMMO holds tournaments for grapplers from different styles. 
   There is no striking during the events, which include gi and no-gi events for men and women as well as different age groups. The events also include an absolute division in which participants from different weight classes can compete.
   “We apologize for the inconvenience and want to make it up to everyone by giving everyone that competes a $20 credit for any division, including Absolute, that they register for and will be supply free HYPE Xtreme power drinks and water that day to all our competitors,? according to AMMO CEO Bill Vigil in a prepared statement. “For everyone that pre-registered we will honor your registration fee for this event or can and will refund your registration fee if you’d like. We will also have some UFC Boston tickets to be given away to one of our lucky competitors (name drawn from a hat) and to the Absolute champion for the August Foxwoods casino event!?
    In a conversation with, Vigil was optimistic when discussing AMMO’s future prospects. He said that more of AMMO’s grapplers would be making the jump from mixed grappling to professional MMA, adding that announcements were forthcoming. AMMO will be creating a fighters management company that will offer new fighters representation, he added.
AMMO Fight League reschedules
grappling tournaments this summer
AMMO Fight League's heavyweight champion Kym Sturdivant
Heavyweight champion Kym Sturdivant to participate in the 2013 International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation Master/
Senior Worlds event in California
in October. 

Editor's Note: This event will be posted on our events page when more details are available.
   “Due to some scheduling issues between the promoters and the casino they moved the date,? he said. “I did not want to postpone the date so I moved it to Nomads (the location where AMMO has held most of its events to date). They have come back to us and offered August 7 to us also so we are going to take the opportunity to make this upcoming event a two-part tournament. Where on July 21 you can compete and will have another changes to redeem yourself if you’re not successful in the first one to get the chance to fight in the finals in the CAGE that will be held at the casino for the third AMMO championship. So you'll get two tournaments for the price of one.?
    He said the company is also discussing the details of its prospective debut MMA event. 
    “We will be bringing in a big name to headline the event,? he said, but added further details were still pending.
    “Our turnouts are increasing as we move forward,? he said regarding attendance during the events. “Like anything new it takes time. One thing we know is that everyone one now knows about AMMO.?
    He added that while the majority of AMMO competitors currently range from 16 to 30 years old, this is changing.
    “At the last two events we've seen a spike in children competing and that will grow since there are many kids getting into this sport,? he said.
    Peter Ruiz is a champion at 60 pounds for both gi and no-gi children’s divisions, for example. Others include; Jay Figueroa, who holds the children’s belt at 80-80.9 pounds; Cesar Alvan holds the no-gi belt at 90-99.9 pounds; and Jason Gonzales, who holds a no-gi belt at 100-114 pounds.
    The organization also promotes live entertainment and has previously used the motto “where the fight club meets the night club.?
    “I just co-promoted PitBull at the Mass Mutual Convention Center in Springfield, Massachusetts,? said Vigil. “I also promote night clubs on a weekly bases and my recording studios is booked daily.?  
    The organization is also sponsoring its heavyweight champion Kym Sturdivant’s trip to California in October to participate in the 2013 IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation) Master/Senior Worlds event. Sturdivant won in the no-gi and absolute divisions during AMMO VI.