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Lopez wins flyweight title at May 28 Reality Fighting
MMA fighters Zack Watson and Morgan Dean
By Brian Woodman Jr.

   (Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT -- May 28) There were only three professional fights at Reality Fighting’s latest event, but all of them ended in finishes. The eight amateur bouts on the card also kept the crowd entertained.
   The main event, a 125-pound professional bout between Billy Giovanella of Massachusetts-based Connor’s MMA and Underdog BJJ’s Johnny Lopez, ended with the latter becoming Reality Fighting’s flyweight champion. Lopez took Giovanella’s back in the first round and sank a rear naked choke, earning a submission at 1:12.
   The first professional fight of the evening, a 170-pound fight between Tyler Rose of Calendrelli MMA and Montoya Swilling of Champions in Christ, also ended in a first-round submission by rear naked choke. Rose, who fights out of North Branford, took Swilling’s back and ended it at 1:59. Swilling demonstrated enthusiasm during the stand-up portion of the fight.
   Chad Kelly of Freestyle Fighting Arts defeated Renzo Gracie student Marvin Maldonado by TKO in the second round of a professional 135-pound fight. Kelly generally dominated the stand-up during the first round, sending Maldonado to the ground with a few kicks and trying to start a ground-and-pound attack. Kelly knocked Maldonado to the ground with a punch during the second round and unleashed a volley of shots, prompting the referee to wave the fight off at 2:54.
   During the first of the amateur bouts that opened the card, Swagath Pilai of Plus One defeated Nick Giuletti of Calandrelli MMA by TKO in a 145-pound bout. Giuletti dominated much of the fight with his wrestling takedowns but he received a gash over his eyes after receiving a accidental knee to the forehead while attempting to shoot on Pilai -- the referee stopped the fight at :25 in the second round.
   Randy Francis of Strikezone MMA defeated Shawn O’Dou of Ravenous MMA by TKO at 1:39 in round three of a 135-pound bout. The referee waved the fight off after Francis began a ground-and-pound attack on O’Dou.
   Andrew Litschke of Fit Club defeated Joe Albani of Alliance MMA - San Diego in a 135-pound fight. Litschke won by unanimous decision.
   Morgan Dean of Dexter Vale Tudo defeated Zack Watson of Kipp’s Basement in the first round of a 185-pound bout. Dean secured a TKO win at 1:35 with a punching combination.
   Marisa Messer-Belenchia of Calendrelli MMA secured a TKO victory over Alejandra Betancourt of Killer Bees in a 105-pound fight -- the evening‘s only women‘s bout. Messer-Belenchia ground-and-pounded Betancourt during the second round and the referee waved off the fight at 1:13.
   Davon Zimmerman of Renzo Gracie Connecticut defeated Giorgi Chillingarashvili of Fit Club by TKO at 1:58 in the second round of a 155-pound fight. Chillingarashvili threw a flying kick at Zimmerman, who caught it and threw him to the ground, Zimmerman started to ground-and-pound before the referee waved off the fight.
   Jose De Jesus Campos of Rivera Athletic Center defeated William Knight of Thornton MMA and Fitness by unanimous decision. The 265-pound fight ended with both fighters on their feet and ready to swing as the bell ended.
   Greg Perry of Strikezone MMA earned a split decision over Austin Schalla of Dexter Vale Tudo following a 160-pound bout. Perry attempted several wrestling takedowns throughout the fight, successfully starting a ground-and-pound attack in the first round.

MMA fighters Marisa Messer-Belenchia and Alejandra Betancourt
Marisa Messer-Belenchia, top, struggles with Alejandra Betencourt on May 28.
Photo by Nicola Faraone
Zack Watson, left, and Morgan Dean face off on May 28 at Mohegan Sun.
Photo by Nicola Faraone