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New MMA organization based in Glastonbury
Will combine "the fight club and the night club," says organizer
By Brian Woodman Jr. 

   The AMMO (American Mixed Martial Arts Organization) Fight League, a Glastonbury-based Mixed Martial Arts organization formed in March, is preparing for its first MMA event in September on a date to be determined. Organizers said that major MMA stars whose names have not yet been released may be associated with the event, which will be held at the Foxwoods resort in Ledyard, Connecticut. 
    Bill Vigil, who founded the company with former boxer Sam Romanella, said organizers are planning a series of cage fights at the casino’s Comix Club, which can house 500 people. The company also has a branch office in Waterbury.
   “We will also be having live entertainment and DJ’s at all our events prior to the fights so you’ll be getting to shows for the price of one,? stated Vigil, who owns Vigil Clan Entertainment. He added that the company’s tagline is "where the fight club meets the night club.? 
   He said this and the entertainment aspects of AMMO’s programs will distinguish it from other companies in the field. 
  “We will offer up-and-coming grapplers/MMA fighters the chance to get the experience that they desire and to get the exposure they need to get the recognition from the other leagues,? he said. “Plus we will open all our events with musical concerts.?
​   AMMO held its first event, which was a mixed-grappling tournament with divisions for participants fighting with or without gis in several weight classes, on July 21, 2012 at Nomads Adventure Quest in South Windsor. Results for the event, which was open to all ages, can be found at
   It will hold another grappling tournament in cooper-ation with the Baltic-based MMA organization ASAP at Connecticut College in New London on Aug. 18. Sources associated with the event confirmed that Dan “the Beast? Severn, who was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2005, will meet the public during the event.
​   Vigil said the Championship match for its MMA series will occur at the MGM Grand arena for a cash prize and a championship title. Champions will progress to a second and third series that will be held at casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas to defend their belts. 
   “At this point we are not looking to sign any one fight or fighters to our company,? said Vigil. “ Our company at this point is trying to promote good organized tournaments to allow amateur and professional MMA fighters to hone in their art and make them better and give them the opportunity to get the experience that they desire. We do eventually want to create our team of fighters to compete against other leagues down the road.?  
   Weight classes represented in the organization will include; Fly Weight (129.9 pounds and under); Bantam Weight (130 pounds to 139.9 pounds); Feather Weight (140 pounds to 149.9 pounds); Light Weight (150 pounds to 159.9 pounds); Welter Weight (160 pounds to 169.9 pounds); Middle Weight (170 pounds to 179.9 pounds); Light Heavy Weight (180 lbs. to 189.9 pounds); Cruiser Weight (190 pounds to 199.9 pounds); Heavy Weight (200 pounds to 224.9 pounds ) and Super Heavy Weight ( 225 pounds and above). The UFC does not currently have a Cruiser Weight or a Super Heavyweight division.

AMMO Absolute Champion Blair Tugman. Other champions from the last event can be found on the AMMO site.
AMMO Absolute Champion Blair Tugman