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Team Russia beats Team USA in MMA event at Foxwoods
Alexey “The Boa Constrictor? Oleinik of Russia uses a double-leg takedown on Mike “The Irish Machine? Stewart on Sept. 15 at the MGM Grand.
Photo by John Fulcher
By Brian Woodman Jr.

  Mike “The Irish Machine? Stewart (8-3) joked before his Sept. 15 bout with Alexey “The Boa Constrictor? Oleinik (39-9) of Russia that he was properly prepared. 
  “I’ve seen Rocky IV and Red Dawn,? he commented in a taped interview, drawing guffaws and cheers from the crowd that gathered in the MGM Grand theater at Foxwoods to see the five-round heavy-weight title fight at WCMMA I. Unfortunately, real life is not a movie.
  Oleinik submitted Stewart in the second round, mounting him after exchanging a rapid series of blows that began as soon as the round started. Stewart sustained at least two knees to the face during the exchange. 
  Oleinik, an international Sambo champion that has also fought in Bellator and M-1 events, is known for winning through submissions. He trains out of the Red Devil Camp, a Russian MMA training center in that event promoters stated also trained well-known MMA heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko. 

  Stewart replaced Kelly Anundson, who was originally scheduled to appear. Anundson won two FILA mixed grappling championships, according to spokespersons for WCMMA.
  The first round of the fight was also marked by furious blow exchanges and clinching, during which both fighters repeatedly tried to knee each other. The referee had to stop the fight at one point when Oleinik lost his mouth piece. When the fight restarted, there was another exchange between the fighters that included a knee to Oleinik’s face.
  Earlier that evening, Brendan Flemming beat Cleon Haggard in a two-round fight at 145 pounds. Flemming, who was dominant throughout the fight, attempted a rear naked choke near the end but eventually won by decision. 
  In another bout, Tim Walsh beat Pedro Rivera by TKO in the first round of a fight at 220 pounds following ground-and-pound tactics. 
  (Editor’s note: statistics for the fighters were provided by event representatives).

WCMMA in CT Alexey Oleinik and Mike Stewart.